Giant Chinchilla Rabbit Association

The Million Dollar Rabbit  Weight Guidelines

The Giant Chinchilla Rabbit is one of the few rabbit breeds that was created in America.   I descended from the  English breed known as the Chinchilla Giaganta, which incidentally corresponds to the so called "Heavy-Weight" or American Chinchilla.   When being shown across the middle west  they caused and still are causing a sensation.    The first Giant Chinchilla was born in Kansas City, Missouri, on Christmas Day in 1921.   Her very proud creator was Edward H. Stahl.   She was exhibited the following year and was called the Million Dollar Princess.  Now the breed is called the Million Dollar Rabbit.   Stahl perfected this breed by using over weight Chinchillas and White Flemish Giants,  just to name a couple of breeds.  The Giant Chinchilla has been purebred for over 45 years.

The ideal Giant Chinchilla should weigh, when fully mature, 13-14 pounds for bucks. Does at maturity should weigh 14-15 pounds.  It is a proven fact that rabbits that weigh from 12-15 pounds at maturity have generally been accepted as the ideal meat producing rabbit.    

 Some guidelines are listed here for help in your early evaluation of stock.  At 3 mos. it would be ideal for your rabbit to weigh 7.5 lbs.  At 4 mos., 8.5 lbs, 5 mos., 9.5 lbs and at 6 mos. 10.5 lbs.  If you are getting these weights as the rabbit matures then you are more certain the rabbit will achieve senior weight on schedule. 


Benefits of owning and raising the Giant Chinchilla

The Giant Chinchilla grows very fast when young and will weigh between 5-6 pounds when only 8 weeks old and 7-9 pounds at 12 weeks old (see guidelines in above paragraph.)  Giant Chinchillas have no competition when it comes to producing meat fast and cost efficiently. 

Feeding cost is low

Giant Chinchillas are equipped for handling a considerable amount of hay, which is low in cost and they will not consume more pellets than other commercial breeds.  Remember that, although called a Giant, it is only in comparison with the smaller  Chinchilla varieties.